Anna-Karin Karlsson

Anna-Karin Karlsson was thrown into the highest end of eyewear fashion at 19 after finishing her acting/art degree. Her fascination for sunglasses started as a child when a friend's mother returned from Florida equipped with 80's glamour. But it wasn't until she tried on a pair of Christian Roth sunglasses that this fascination developed into a true passion. It was from this swirl of music, art, and acting that Anna-Karin's unique vision and style was born, building on her deep admiration for the traditional skills she saw through her work on bespoke eyewear.

"Swedish eyewear designer Anna-Karin Karlsson's name is one to remember, she designs the most exclusive and unique sunglasses available. My No. 1 choice for eyewear couture." Martina Bonnier, Fashion Director DV Magazine. Anna-Karin Karlsson was nominated accessory designer 2011 at the Swedish fashion awards Guldknappen for her 2012 collection "Rose et la Mer".

“With passionate will-power, persistence and a skilled eye for beauty, Anna-Karin Karlsson has made the impossible possible. The world's most savvy celebrities are standing in line to wear her couture creations. The Queen of spectacular spectacles is the given winner of: Damernas Värld Guldknappen Accessory 2013".

" I create dreams, dressed as sunglasses" By Anna-Karin Karlsson